Clare Hughes

Chief Executive Officer – (MBSI, BSC, PHARM)

Clare is the co-founder and CEO of Telenostic. Prior to founding Telenostic, Clare founded two other successful pharmaceutical companies: CF Pharma, a developer of pharmaceutical and veterinary products, and NutriScience, a producer of nutraceuticals for the veterinary market, which she sold to the Belgian veterinary pharmaceutical company, Ecuphar.

Clare hails from the famous Hughes dynasty, renowned throughout the world as producers of top sport horses, showjumpers and racehorses. Clare holds a degree in pharmacy.


Trish McOwan

Product Development Director

Trish is the co-founder and Product Development Director at Telenostic. Trish has over 15 years’ experience in the veterinary medicine market establishing and operating point of care facilities to service the growing and expanding Irish market.

Trish was previously a project manager at CF Pharma in Ireland. Trish has overseen and led the product development of the Telenostic system to date. Trish has led the IP partnership with University College Dublin, the patent submission, the successful Smart Agri Project and secured the ‘Gold Seal of Approval’ from the European Commission in 2021 for the Telenostic Horizon 2020 submission.


Liam Mc Cabe

Business Development Director (B.AgSci.)

Liam previously held roles as Chief Operation Officer with PIC Hermitage (Ireland, UK & Italy), As a special projects coordinator with the global payments finech compamy Transfermate (a member of the Taxback Group). Liam also held the role of CEO of the amenity managemnt business Mack Trading Amenity Management (UK & Ireland).

In the business world Liam has significant expertise in business planning, commercial partnering and business development.
Liam has served 21 years in the Irish Defence Force, has been trained by the EU Commission in international disaster coordination, is an active emergency first responder and has held National and local Officer roles in Irish Mountain Rescue for over 25 years.


Dr Craig Mincher

Clinical and Veterinary Director (BSc Agric, BVSc, MBA, MRCVS)

Craig is a qualified veterinarian with a BSc in agriculture and an MBA from Bond University Australia. After working in private practice in the UK for a number of years, and a 2 year stint in academia he started a veterinary pharmaceutical company in South Africa. The business was succesfully built into one of the major players in the South African animal health industry and was succesfully exited 17 years after inception. Craig’s experience and knowledge spans marketing, product developement, regulatory, supply chain and sales in the animal health industry. In particular he has an in depth understanding of the needs of the veterinary market and how to postion products accordingly.


Billy Power

Chief Financial Officer (F.C.I.M.A)

Billy is an experienced Accountant who previously held the position of Director and General Manager of Waterford Crystal Ltd for seven years and Managing Director for three years. At the time Waterford Crystal was the largest manufacturing company in Ireland with 3,700 employees. After retiring from Waterford Crystal Billy set up his own business mentoring and advising small and medium size businesses and in the last twenty years he has advised over 400 businesses, 15 of which were long term assignments (10 years plus). With many of these long term companies raising finance was an issue and he has raised funds through the B.E.S./ E.I.I.S scheme for over 17 clients.


Eamonn Power

Chief Technology Officer (MSc.)

Eamonn has a background in start-ups and software. He, comes to Telenostic with over 10 years of research and development and infrastructure management experience. His expertise is primarily in software engineering, infrastructure management, telecommunications, private cloud development. He, has worked as a senior software engineer and led in European research projects. He, has also mentored staff over 10 years, training personnel now employed by IBM, Redhat and others. Eamonn also championed and led the integration of AI into the Telenostic platform resulting in a win at the National AI Awards in 2019.


Pat Roche

Chief Engineering Officer (BSc.)

Pat’s background is in electromechanical design. Pats expertise is in Device design, validation, optimisation, Design for Manufacture, Software Engineering and Systems Analysis. He has played integral roles in medical device design and optimisation in companies such as Boston Scientific and Lake Region Medical. He has worked as a software research engineer for internationally renowned research group, TSSG. Pat also worked to develop European research projects under Horizon 2020. Pat has many years working at management level and has been the primary person responsible for the DFM of the Telenostic 10 device.