Telenostic is a global technology company based in Ireland creating world-leading digital parasitology diagnostic solutions.

Founded by pharmacist Clare Hughes and engineer Trish McOwan – both with many years of experience in the animal health industry – Telenostic was conceived with a vision to create a smarter, more efficient, and more cost-effective way to diagnose parasite infection in animals and humans at the point of care.

Together, these two entrepreneurs have created a revolutionary new approach to digital parasitology diagnostics that harnesses superior technology and Artificial Intelligence-driven data.


Telenostic has successfully brought accurate, affordable, efficient, and automated parasite analysis technologies to the point of care, removing the need for time-consuming, dirty and costly laboratory testing.

Digital pathology is rapidly growing across the globe and Telenostic is at the leading edge of technological development in the parasitology diagnostic space.

Telenostic harnesses the power of Artifical Intelligence technologies, providing users with vital diagnostic information that is delivered in real time, and then summarised on a web application within minutes.

Equipped with a comprehensive and accurate knowledge of the quantity and species of parasitic eggs in the host, users can make evidence-based, informed decisions about targeted treatment.

Today, Telenostic is a world leader in digital parasitology, committed to developing next-generation platform devices that pave the way for the future of many industries.