As an innovative global technology company, we are committed to the development of a new gold standard in point-of-care digital parasitology for targeted treatment.


We have completed the development of an automated, affordable and accurate platform technology that is being used to quickly and effectively identify and analyse important parasites in equine.

OvaCyte™’s revolutionary parasite egg recovery and retention process utilises a proprietary consumable cassette that creates a novel geometric surface tension egg recovery (STER) for flotation, retention and concentration.

The patented platform technology harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence, providing users with vital information that is delivered in real time. For the veterinarian, this means they can avoid the time-consuming and costly process of sending the patient’s faecal sample to an external laboratory for testing. Instead, our AI technology processes and analyses the faecal sample in minutes, empowering veterinarians to make rapid, informed, evidence-based decisions about targeted treatment.

When analysing samples, our technology utilises advanced digital microscopy to obtain multiple digital images, running these against a specific image recognition software to identify specific parasite species and the number of parasitic eggs or oocysts present.

Our AI provides invaluable geographical prevalence data. The more users that engage our technology, the greater the insight into the parasites present within animals in specific areas. The collaborative nature of our AI creates better outcomes for all, empowering medical and veterinary professionals around the world with invaluable knowledge that can be shared and used to further research, science, animal health and welfare.

We believe OvaCyte™ and other technologies we are developing have the capacity to positively impact the broader veterinary, agricultural, medical and environmental industries.

Our mission is to become the global leader in point-of-care digital parasitology.