Partnering Organisation

The Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC) provides e-infrastructure, services, and expertise to academia, industry, and the public sector. Telenostic is proud to have collaborated with ICHEC on the development of OvaCyte™.

UCD School of Veterinary Medicine

Telenostic worked closely with the University College Dublin (UCD) School of Veterinary Medicine on the development of OvaCyte. Telenostic currently collaborates closely with the Department of Parasitology, which has a particular interest in researching anthelmintic resistance. 


The Centre for Advance Photonics and Process Analysis (CAPPA) conducts internationally recognised academic research on topics such as the non-linear dynamics of lasers and ultrafast laser physics, and the understanding of the dynamics of novel semiconductor materials and devices. Telenostic collaborates with CAPPA on lighting techniques and z-stacking principles for future Telenostic device designs.

Institute of Technology Carlow

Institute of Technology Carlow is one of the largest technology colleges in Ireland. Telenostic worked with the DesignCore team to produce 3D-printed prototypes through the product development lifecycle of OvaCyte™️.

Irish Equine Centre

The Irish Equine Centre is an independent, not-for-profit organisation specialising in equine diagnostics and disease prevention. The centre is involved in the independent trialing and testing of OvaCyte™.

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. It works in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate, and win export sales in global markets.

European Commission SOE

Telenostic was awarded a Seal of Excellence by the European Commission in 2021. The Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted to Horizon Europe, the EU’s research, and innovation funding program. The Seal of Excellence acknowledges projects that were judged to deserve funding.