OvaCyte or Laboratory Parasite Testing (1)

If you’re a veterinarian, you will be overly familiar with intestinal parasite infections, and the current laboratory method for identifying them in animals.

Diagnosis of intestinal parasite infections involves the identification of the eggs or cysts of the various parasite species in the faeces of the respective host. Due to the prevalence of parasitic infections in both companion animals and grazing animals, faecal egg testing is one of the most common laboratory tests for animals.

And while the current method of identifying and counting intestinal parasites is satisfactory, vets will testify that it is also a lengthy, manual process that is also expensive. The results of each and every faecal egg test conducted in laboratories also take at least 48 hours to come back to the veterinarian. This established method is also open to significant human error and results can vary significantly.

There is no doubt of the benefits to both practice and animals that come with moving parasitic diagnostics to the point of care – and OvaCyte™ does just that.

With OvaCyte™, simply take the faecal specimen and inject the prepared sample into OvaCyte™’s proprietary consumable cassette. The rest of the process is fully automated, with the results of the analysis delivered in minutes, right in the veterinary clinic at the point-of-care. Just two minutes of the technician’s active preparation time are required, and the results are accurate, sensitive and repeatable.

Not only can OvaCyte™ identify the quantity of parasite eggs present in the faecal sample, but it can also differentiate species type, thanks to an advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithm that compares the parasite detected with a world-class image library of identified parasite species.

OvaCyte™ is also extremely cost-effective and highly durable, making it a clear asset to any veterinary clinic. This revolutionary technology can help to improve clinical outcomes, assist the welfare of the animal and reduce veterinary clinic costs.

To find out more about OvaCyte™ and how it can assist in your veterinary clinic, contact a Telenostic Distributor today.