OvaCyte for Veterinarians

In the USA alone, roughly 10 million faecal egg tests are done in reference laboratories on dogs and cats each year. While accurate, there is at least a 24-hour delay in receiving the results, and these tests are costly. The other 30 million faecal tests completed per year are done in clinics, with the accuracy of the results relying on the skill of the technicians.


OvaCyte™ removes the need for laboratory and manual in-clinic testing, instead bringing automated parasite detection direct to the veterinarian, increasing efficiency, improving standards of care, and decreasing veterinary costs.

OvaCyte™ radically alters the traditional ‘blanket approach’ to parasite treatment used in the veterinary space, where all animals are treated two to four times per year without the pet owner or vet knowing if there is a parasite present, and if so, what the specific parasite burden is. This approach has led to anthelminthic resistance in farm animals and horses and is more recently appearing in dogs.

OvaCyte™ gives veterinarians the ability to distinguish between parasite species present in the host animal so that they can target treatment to the animal accurately and efficiently. By the same token, if no parasite is present in the animal, the veterinarian and pet owner avoid costly and unnecessary treatment, and the ability of the parasite to develop anthelminthic resistance is radically diminished.

OvaCyte™ introduces a new standard of care for veterinarians around the world. Not only does the veterinarian benefit from OvaCyte™’s cost effective and efficient digital detection capabilities, but so, too does the companion or grazing animal, which receives greater quality of care due to rapid diagnosis and therefore, faster targeted treatment if necessary.