Everything you need to know about OvaCycte

What is OvaCyte™?
OvaCyte™ is a patent-protected, novel parasite egg recovery platform technology that provides animal caregivers, agricultural professionals, and veterinarians with a point-of-care alternative to laboratory parasite testing that is efficient, convenient, and cost-effective.

What problem does it solve?
Until now, the diagnosis of parasitic infection in animals has occurred solely in laboratories and clinics – the only facilities equipped with the necessary technology capable of diagnosing such infections, whether in a companion animal or farm animals.

This has been a challenge for the scientific and veterinary industries for many years due to the prevalence of parasitic infection in both pets and grazing animals. As a result of the necessity of regular testing, the time and cost burden along with the inconvenience for animal caregivers has been immense.

Not only has the animal owner previously had to take a faecal sample from the host, pack it up, drop it off and have it sent to a laboratory each time they suspect parasitic infection, the results would also take several days to come back.

OvaCyte™ brings laboratory-standard parasitology diagnostics direct to the animal caregiver – that is, the point of care, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming laboratory testing. The veterinarian or animal caregiver simply injects a prepared faecal sample into OvaCyte™’s proprietary consumable cassette, and the rest of the diagnostic process is fully automated, with results accessible in minutes.

How does it work and who can use it?
OvaCyte™ features a highly advanced, patented cassette that has a trapezoidal inner channel. This inner channel allows for geometric flotation and concentration of parasite eggs onto an upper surface, for accurate scanning, identification, and analysis.

OvaCyte™ can provide reliable and accurate automated parasite identification and Faecal Egg Count (FEC) in a wide range of parasites in minutes, thanks to the device’s AI technology, which rapidly references a world-class image library of known parasites.

Designed for veterinarians and the broader agricultural industry, OvaCyte™’s ease of use makes it suitable for anyone who is responsible for the health and welfare of animals.

What health outcomes does it provide?
The revolutionary OvaCyte™ process allows for parasite diagnosis to be automated and for treatment decisions to be made quickly in particular avoiding the overuse and inappropriate use of anthelmintics and using targeted selective treatment in accordance with the latest scientific recommendations. In this way, OvaCyte™ directly improves the health and welfare of food-producing and companion animals around the world.